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TRIDENT-3000 - 3000mm dia. Ocean Buoy
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TRIDENT-3000 - 3000mm dia. Ocean Buoy
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TRIDENT-3000 Ocean Buoy shown with poly-tower configuration

The Trident-3000 is one of the largest, rotationally-moulded buoys available, with a float diameter of 3 meters and lantern focal height of up to 5 meters.

The float section of the Trident-3000 is built from four (4) rotationally-moulded quadrants, which fasten together to form an incredibly robust 3 meter wide float section standing 1.8 meters tall. Each quadrant is moulded from UV-stabilized, virgin polyethylene, and has an 18mm wall thickness. In addition, each section is filled with closed-cell polyurethane, which prevents the ingress of moisture in the unlikely event of damage.

A galvanised steel or 316-grade stainless steel mooring pole runs through the centre of the assembly, to which the tower section is fastened. Four large lifting eyes aid in buoy mooring and periodic servicing.

The enhanced poly-tower design provides a huge visual area for navaid recognition, and consists of two sealed, rotationally-moulded tower sections. The lower section incorporates a battery access door and houses batteries, controllers and any ancillary electronic payload. The top section incorporates an internal radar reflector and solar mount facility.

Rotationally-moulded paneling is fitted to the outside of the tower section to create a large coloured visual area for marking. The replaceable paneling also simplifies cardinal marking and gives operators flexibility in stocking spare components. No part of the structure requires painting at any stage of the productís life span.

An integrated ladder with harness attachment points runs vertically up the tower to the top of the platform.

A large counterweight offers exceptional stability in a variety of exposed regions.

The Trident-3000 can be supplied in all IALA colours.

The Trident-3000 can be economically shipped around the globe with 1x complete buoy being packed into a 20ft shipping container. 

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