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SLC420 4-5nm+ Solar Marine Lantern
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SLC420 4-5nm+ Solar Marine Lantern
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High visibility IALA colours

The SLC420 is a robust, completely self-contained 45nm+ Solar LED Marine Lantern which incorporates a 36 LED light source for even greater light intensity. The 3 & 4 hole bolt pattern base fits directly onto existing 200mm OD industry standard mounts for ease of installation.

The chassis of the SLC420 is made from cast aluminium, subject to 7-stage powder-coating in high visibility IALA colours for daytime recognition, with UV-stabilised rubber corners and gaskets providing a superior IP68 waterproof rating the best in the industry.

Four (4) premium-grade solar modules are integrated into the assembly and mounted to collect sunlight at all angles.

The unit is capable of producing any of 256 IALA recommended flash characters field-adjustable without the need for ancillary equipment.

The tough polycarbonate lens is specifically designed for use with LEDs and incorporates an environment-friendly bird spike deterring unwelcome bird life. The lens design also ensures that vessel operators clearly see the light from above, when passing the AtoN.

Optional RF Synchronisation or GPS Synchronisation

The SLC420 may be fitted with an optional RF Synchronisation module for short range flash synchronisation. For flash synchronisation of lanterns installed over longer ranges, a GPS module may be fitted.

When lanterns flash in synchronisation they can be clearly distinguished from other navaids and confusing background lighting ideal for rivers, marina entrances, channel marking and aquaculture.

Optional GSM Monitoring & Control System

The SLC420 may also be fitted with GSM Monitoring and Control enabling users to access real-time diagnostics data and change lantern settings via cell-phone or PC interface.

Optional Radio Control System

Radio Control may be fitted to the SLC420 model enabling users to remotely modify the setup of their lantern via handheld radio controller.

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