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SL50/SL52 3-5nm+ Self-Contained Lanterns
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SL50/SL52 3-5nm+ Self-Contained Lanterns
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SL50 solar lantern with single 5watt solar module

Sealite’s 3–5nm+ lanterns represent a traditional approach to marine navigation, combined with the advantages of LED technology.

Boasting large, accessible battery compartments, inter-changeable 20 LED flasher units and large external solar modules, the lanterns are ideal for heavy-duty conditions.

The modules are available in a variety of solar/battery configurations for various latitudes and duty cycles, and are fitted with either a single solar module for fixed installations, or dual solar modules for buoy mounting, allowing the unit to collect solar radiation as the buoy swings.

The lens assembly can be easily removed for access to the LED flasher unit. The polycarbonate lens is bonded using and ultrasonic weld to a moulded circular ring. The ring is then fastened to the aluminium attachment plate using 316-grade stainless fasteners, providing a lifetime bond without the use of bonding compounds.

Sealite’s SL50 is fitted with a single 5watt solar module, while the SL52 model is fitted with dual 5watt panels, and 4.5Ah SLA battery, allowing the unit to operate reliably with higher duty cycles or in lower sunlight regions.

The SL50 and SL52 lanterns have been widely adopted by professionals in the marine sector, including ports and harbours, transport departments and coast guards.

The lanterns are covered by the Sealite full 3 year warranty, and all components are replaceable, and can be purchased individually in the unlikely event of damage to the unit.

Once installed, no operator intervention is required to operate the self-contained lantern. During daylight hours the solar modules will charge the battery through an advanced switch-mode regulator incorporated into the flasher unit. The lantern will automatically begin operation at dusk – once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently.

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