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SL23/SL24 3-5nm+ Self-Contained Lanterns
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SL23/SL24 3-5nm+ Self-Contained Lanterns
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SL23- with single 10watt solar module

Sealite’s 3–5nm+ lanterns represent a traditional approach to marine navigation, combined with the advantages of LED technology.

The internal 20 LED flasher unit is interchangeable between lanterns, allowing the operator to replace the flasher unit with another colour at any stage of the product’s life. The 20 LED flasher unit is also equipped with 2 rotary switches, allowing the user to change the flash characteristics of the light at any stage.

An easy DIP switch arrangement means the light can be set to any of 4 intensity settings – for differing duty cycles and applications.

The SL23 and SL24 model lanterns are the workhorse of the self-contained lantern range, and are specifically designed to operate reliably in a range of low sunlight regions, or as steady-on lights. 

The large 7.5Ah battery provides 20 day autonomy, and the 10watt solar module(s) provide sufficient charge in all seasons.

The lanterns are used extensively by marine departments throughout Canada, Britain, Europe and the United States.

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