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SL125/C-Type 2 Complete 5-9nm+ Assembly
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SL125/C-Type 2 Complete 5-9nm+ Assembly
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Shown with optional 2nd solar module

The SL125/C Type 2 Complete Lantern Assembly (SL125/C.T2) incorporates a larger battery housing to the standard SL125/C Type 1 assembly, enabling great autonomy particularly in low sunlight regions. 

The SL125/C.T2 offers unique flexibility, and is available in varying configurations to suit a range of installation and intensity requirements. The powder-coated 3mm aluminium housing is laser-cut, and robotically folded for guaranteed precision every time.

One or two 40watt solar module(s) are fitted to power longer-range requirements or ancillary equipment, with large 55Ah battery.

A modular design, all components of the system are replaceable in the unlikely event of damage to the unit. The battery is accessed through the top of the lantern assembly, via a robust swing-hinge.

Access to the user-adjustable flash and intensity settings is also achieved through this design.

The solar modules are extendable to 51 degrees as standard, with the option to increase in equatorial regions.

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