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SL10 1-5nm+ Heavy Duty LED Light Fixture
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SL10 1-5nm+ Heavy Duty LED Light Fixture
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The SL10 is a heavy-duty LED Light Fixture designed to operate in conjunction with existing or purpose-built power supplies and offer maintenance-free service over a wide range of environmental conditions.

With a variable range of 1 to 5nm+, a maintenance-free light source and 256 user adjustable flash codes, the SL10 series of LED lights is the preferred choice of buoy manufacturers seeking to fit a heavy-duty marine lantern to existing or independently designed power sources.

The SL10 is available in a number of configurations, colours and cable lengths and is the perfect replacement for obsolete incandescent lights in extreme environments.

The tough polycarbonate lens is specifically designed for use with LEDs, and incorporates an environment-friendly spike deterring unwelcome bird life. The lens design also ensures that vessel operators clearly see the light from above, when passing the AtoN.

Flash adjustment is achieved via two (2) rotary switches accessed on the internally housed digital flasher unit. For easy installation, 1m of cable is supplied as standard.

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