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SL-SIGN-20 Solar Powered LED Sign Light
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SL-SIGN-20 Solar Powered LED Sign Light

Sealite’s Solar LED Sign Light is a remote solar powered signage light designed to suit a range of signage illumination installations where mains power in not available.

The unit can be fitted with up to 2 domed LED light fixtures, each featuring a single 3watt surface mounted, ultra-high intensity LED for maximum illumination with an even 120 degree light spread.

The light fixture also features a domed, UV-stabilised, LEXAN® polycarbonate lens and base, and convenient mounting bracket ensuring flexibility and ease of installation.

The Power Box consisting of a 20watt multicrystalline solar module, 18Ah SLA battery and charge regulator, is made from 7-stage, powder-coated aluminium making the unit extremely robust.

The Solar LED Sign Light is designed to withstand a range of environmental conditions, and once installed requires minimal maintenance.

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