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SL-CGC 60W Class 'C' Solar LED Lantern
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SL-CGC 60W Class 'C' Solar LED Lantern
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The SL-CGC 60W is a United States Coast Guard Approved Class C structure lantern, specifically designed to meet the needs of Class C structures in the Gulf of Mexico.

The unit is completely self-contained with an integrated solar/battery system, and can be easily installed in minutes. The flash characters are adjustable on-site by the user, and the lantern has a permanent ON/OFF storage switch.

During daylight hours the solar module charges the battery, and the lantern will automatically begin operation at dusk.

The SL-CGC 60Ws large 16Ah battery enables greater than 45 days autonomy. The battery is housed in a sealed compartment (IP68 waterproof) allowing for replacement after years of maintenance-free service.

The IP68 waterproof sealed connector and momentary switch on the lantern enable maintenance personnel to simply connect a test lead to diagnose the battery voltage and solar charging rate, in accordance to maintenance contracts.

Optional RF Communication Synchronisation (SL-CGC 60W-CS)

The SL-CGC 60W-CS is an RF synchronised version of the popular SL-CGC 60W U.S. Coast Guard Approved Class C lantern.

The large internal dual solar modules and battery ensure reliable operation, with the internal RF module ensuring all RF lanterns set to the same flashing characteristic flash in synchronisation for clear recognition.

Optional Hard-Wire Synchronisation (SL-CGC 60W-S)

The SL-CGC 60W-S is a synchronised version of the standard lantern. The installer simply connects the lanterns using a hard-wired connection to maintain synchronised flash patterns as required on multiple lantern installations.

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