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SL-CGA 1252W Class 'A' LED Lantern
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SL-CGA 1252W Class 'A' LED Lantern
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Available with hard-wired, RF or GPS flash synchronisation for multiple lantern installations

The SL-CGA 1252W is a United States Coast Guard approved Class ‘A’ structure lantern specifically designed to meet the needs of Class ‘A’ structures in the Gulf of Mexico.

The lantern utilises 72 LEDs as a light source, enhanced by Sealite’s LED lens and omnidirectional LED reflector (US Pat. No. 6,667,582. AU Pat. No. 778,918) to gain optimum LED performance.

The SL-CGA 1252W is one of the most advanced LED marine lanterns on the market.

Utilizing the latest software and micro circuitry developments, the lantern boasts a huge number of features including flash-memory and the most efficient power conversion available.

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