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SAL-01 Solar LED Area Light
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SAL-01 Solar LED Area Light

Sealite’s state-of-the-art Solar LED Area Light provides users with the perfect solution for lighting remote locations such as boat launching ramps, shelters, car parks and maintenance areas where connection to the power grid is unfeasible.

The SAL-01 Solar LED Area Light sets a new standard in energy efficiency and light output.

Each LED bank is driven by high efficiency LED drivers maximising light output and LED life. The intensity is maintained at a constant level over various voltage shifts.

The light uses a 140watt multicrystalline solar panel, and Sealite’s unique AL-01 LED luminaire.

The light head body is constructed from extruded aluminium with injection-moulded UV-stabilised LEXAN® polycarbonate glass-filled end caps for superior strength and durability. The injectionmoulded LEXAN® lens is fitted to the aluminium body with a marine grade o-ring ensuring a superior sealing (IP68 waterproof).

The weather resistant galvanised mounting pole securely houses the two 55Ah SLA batteries and 10Amp regulator in its base for ease of servicing after years of maintenance-free operation.

The light begins operation automatically, as soon as the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently, and once installed, requires minimal maintenance.

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