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RF Flash Synchronisation
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RF Flash Synchronisation
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RF synchronised SL70 lanterns
Sealite’s innovative RF Synchronisation System is designed to offer a low-cost, short-range, flash synchronisation option for applications including rivers, estuaries, marina entrances, channel marking and aquaculture.

RF Synchronisation may be fitted to a range of Sealite lanterns, and benefits vessel operators at night by illuminating the boundary or channel as a clear passage on entrance, as opposed to indiscriminate flashing lights which may render the judgement of distance difficult.

How does it work?
RF Synchronised products are fitted with an internal RF module, which operates on a 2.4GHz frequency and has an operational range of 1.5km between 2 lights.

Should more than two lanterns be required to be synchronised, the range may be extended for longer distances as each lantern transmits the data to all adjacent lanterns – causing them to fall into synchronisation. The only limitation is that no lantern should be more than 1.5km from the next lantern in the series.

RF Synchronised lanterns operate within a peer-to-peer network topology and therefore are not dependent upon master/slave relationships. This means that lights remain synchronised without use of master/slave configurations and each lantern in the network shares both the roles of master and slave.

Using innovative software, the additional power consumption is minimal, and in most configurations the solar lantern requires only 1.5hrs of direct sunlight per day to retain full working autonomy.

Synchronisation is recommended for lanterns operating with up to 20% duty cycles and in regions where typical solar irradiation averages 1.5Kwh per day. Flash characters exceeding this may require lantern intensity adjustment.

Synchronisation is achieved via short-range RF communication between lanterns, and relies on line-of-site operation.

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