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Radio Monitoring & Control System
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Radio Monitoring & Control System
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Hand-Held Radio Controller

Sealite’s Radio Control System is designed to permit port and marina authorities to directly control the operation of single or grouped lanterns.

Controlled by a menu drive 2.4GHz handheld transceiver or PC interface, lanterns may be;

  • Activated or deactivated
  • Flash character changed to any of the 256 codes available
  • Intensity adjusted up to 8 levels
  • Lanterns set to group flash synchronisation
  • Lantern colour changed from green to red and other combinations (up to 3 different colours controlled independently)

Sealite’s innovative PC interface for the radio control system displays all operator control fields in one easy-to-view and easy-to-select screen. With the handheld radio controller connected to the PC via serial port, the user simply selects the setup fields and sends the ICD Message to the designated lanterns.

See the "More Info" tab below for a list of typical applications.

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