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POSEIDON-1750 - 1750mm dia. Ocean Buoy
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POSEIDON-1750 - 1750mm dia. Ocean Buoy
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The Sealite Poseidon-1750 Buoy is manufactured from UV-stabilized, virgin polyethylene and has been specifically designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, and operate reliably with minimal maintenance.

Ports worldwide are realising the advantages of polyethylene buoys over traditional steel models.

The colour pigment is added to the polyethylene during the moulding process, which means that the buoy never requires painting.

The polyethylene material also inhibits marine growth, so the buoy requires cleaning less often than steel types.

Significant advantages of the polyethylene buoy allow the interval between servicing to be far greater and users continually report major cost savings.

The Poseidon-1750 is constructed from 3 parts ensuring ease of deployment and servicing. The float section incorporates two large lifting and mooring points, interconnected by 316-grade stainless steel tie-bars to provide greater strength. The mid-section may be supplied with a large secondary battery enclosure, whilst the top section is designed to carry the buoy’s primary payload.

The Poseidon-1750 can be economically shipped around the globe, with approximately 4pcs and 9pcs being packed in 20ft and 40ft shipping containers respectively.

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