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PC-415 Lighted Pile Caps
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PC-415 Lighted Pile Caps

Sealite's lighted pile cap

Sealite’s lighted pile caps can be used for domestic pontoons and commercial marinas to create a safe and visually appealing docking facility. They are available in a range of high visibility colours and are fitted with a self-contained, solar LED marine light to provide safe day and night navigation. The lantern is equipped with a bird spike to prevent birds roosting.

Manufactured from strong, UV-stabilized polyethylene the caps are able to stand up to the harsh marine environment. The pile cap keeps rain out of the top of timber piles helping to prevent rot to extend the life of the pile.

Sealite’s pile caps are rotationally moulded as a single piece with a wall thickness of 4mm - increasing strength and ensuring a robust and functional product. The pile caps are fitted to the top of the pile and, while extremely strong and durable, are flexible enough to make installing simple.

The lighted pile caps provide high day and night visibility and are available in red, green, white, blue or yellow.

During daylight hours the solar module will charge the battery, and the lantern will automatically begin operation at dusk – once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently.

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