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AQUAFLOAT Series - Marker Buoys
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AQUAFLOAT Series - Marker Buoys

AQUAFLOAT-600 has a 592mm diameter

Aquafloat-600 (AQF600) Marker Buoy

Sealite’s Aquafloat-600 (AQF600) is a rotationally-moulded marker buoy designed to give customers flexibility in their floating aid requirements.

A large central tube suits a 55mm OD pipe mount, or may be used to aid installations or provide multiple rope anchorage points.

The Aquafloat-600 is polyurethane foam filled to prevent water ingress in the unlikely event of damage, and is offered in all high-visibility IALA colours.

Aquafloat-400 (AQF400) Marker Buoy

Another model in Sealite’s Aquafloat range is the Aquafloat-400 (AQF400), rotationally-moulded 400mm diameter marker buoy float. Designed for a range of installations including mooring, dive sites and to mark underwater work, the Aquafloat-400 is available with various fittings to suit many applications.

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