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Apollo-155 Long Range Lantern (4-12nm+)
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Apollo-155 Long Range Lantern (4-12nm+)
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Sealite's advanced Apollo-155 long range lantern - Revolutionising the Industry

The Apollo-155 is the next generation in marine aids to navigation.

Sealite’s latest innovation, the Apollo-155 long range lantern adjustable from 4-12nm+ is designed to suit a range of applications including channel, river and estuary marking.

To utilise latest technology, Sealite has designed a lantern using the world’s most advanced LEDs. These highly efficient LEDs can be configured individually with multiple flash codes in the same array.

The Apollo-155 incorporates a sophisticated thermal management system. Sealite in-house engineers custom designed this complex aluminium extrusion which is used as a heat sink for the LEDs and LED driver board.

Extensive use of copper and aluminium within the circuitry permits the effective transfer of heat to the external extrusion allowing wattage from 10-90watts with corresponding exceptional light output.

The distinct lens of the Apollo-155, also developed in-house by Sealite engineers, has 16 optical elements controlling the light emissions from the LED in a two-dimensional manner; completely unique to the industry. The 16x LEDs in each lens individually cover 45º horizontally, and 5º vertically.

The lens and LED holder can be factory set to sector different LEDs to 1° increments. For example, 183° RED, 42° WHITE and 15° RED all in the one tier. This provides complete flexibility to suit most installation requirements.

Like all Sealite marine lanterns the Apollo-155 has a specifically designed circuit board that controls automatic dusk till dawn operation, LED operation and many functions that can be specifically requested, such as current monitoring.

PC Interface

Sealite’s PC interface allows a host of features to be loaded onto the lantern, including automatic effective intensity calculations, adjustable on/off LUX levels and custom flash codes.

Users can choose between Schmidt-Clausen, Allard, Blondel-Rey-Douglas, and Allard-Ohno-Couzin (100 pulse) effective intensity settings.


Launch Video - available at YouTube

Sealite have prepared a launch video about the Apollo-155 available to view from YouTube. Click the link below to view this presentation:- 

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