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AL-01 Outdoor LED Luminaire
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AL-01 Outdoor LED Luminaire

Sealite’s state-of-the-art outdoor LED luminaire provides users with the perfect solution for lighting remote locations such as shelters, car parks and maintenance areas.

Sealite has created a unique luminaire housing eight state-of-the-art, high-performance, power LEDs for optimal area illumination. Each LED bank is driven by high efficiency LED drivers maximising light output and LED life. The intensity is maintained at a constant level over various voltage shifts.

The luminaire body is constructed from extruded aluminium with injection-moulded, UV-stabilised, LEXAN® polycarbonate glass-filled end caps for superior strength and durability. The injection-moulded LEXAN® lens is fitted to the aluminium body with a marine grade o-ring ensuring superior sealing. The AL-01 outdoor LED luminaire has an ingress protection rating of IP68 ensuring that internal electronics are completely sealed and protected from water intrusion and dust when installed in the toughest environmental situations.

The custom designed aluminium extrusion is interfaced with a thermal LED substrate to reduce the build up of internal temperatures. This prevents excess heat from LED operation and external temperatures combining to create unwanted stresses on electronic and mechanical components.

A membrane vent is used to equalise pressure in the light to that of atmospheric pressure. This permits improved protection of electrical components by reducing any pressure build-up on the sealing.

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