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GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring, Control & Alarm System
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GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring, Control & Alarm System

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A selection of Avlite lights are available with GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring. This is a cost effective option giving operators remote control over flash code and intensity settings as well as other features for GSM-enabled lights. The system can also be configured to send out warning SMS text messages to designated cell-phone numbers.

The GSM Monitoring System is a completely integrated module (housed internally within the light), designed to allow convenient monitoring of Avlite lights using a cell-phone and web access from remote locations. Each light is fitted with its own SIM card, which provides a designated cell-phone contact number for each individual light. Any network operator can be used providing they have GSM coverage.

To access the light’s diagnostics, the user simply sends the light an SMS text message command, and then receives an auto-reply SMS text message outlining the details. In addition, this information is accessible via a secure user-login portal area of the Avlite website. Immediate information about your installation can be viewed in an easy-to-read PC interface. Historical data about each individual light over the period of its service life is also available from the website.

Award Winning Technology

In June 2009 Avlite Systems’ parent company, Sealite Pty Ltd, was awarded the prestigious, international “Duke’s Choice Award” in the category of “Technology & the Environment” for the GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring & Alarm System. Winners of the Duke’s Choice Award are selected by the ‘father of Java’, James Gosling, Vice President of Sun Microsystems, and a panel of Java technology experts at Sun.

The award is judged on the innovation and creativity of projects using Java™ technologically-based applications that benefit customers, industry and society, and highlights Avlite’s advanced knowledge and use of software in the product range.

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