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GPS Synchronisation
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GPS Synchronisation
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Avlite has utilized the latest advancements in GPS technology to develop a synchronisation system that can be incorporated into various lights. The lights are fitted with an internally integrated GPS module and, using overhead satellites, multiple lights set to the same flash pattern will flash in unison. Using this system, lights can flash in synchronisation without distance or line of sight limitations.

Avlite’s GPS system provides users with the ability to clearly mark obstructions, perimeters, oil platforms or general boundaries.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver is housed within the Avlite light and no additional power supplies, aerials or control systems are required. This light option is microprocessor-based and has been designed to provide maximum reliability and performance of the lantern over a wide range of environmental conditions.

Using overhead satellites, multiple GPS lights set to the same flash pattern will synchronise anywhere in the world.

How does GPS Flash Synchronisation work?

Synchronisation is achieved using an internal algorithm based on the highly accurate time base and time data received from the satellites. At power-up, the microprocessor checks that the internal GPS module is programmed correctly and is able to provide valid time base and time data.

During daylight the light will switch off the GPS to reduce power consumption.

Note: GSM enabled lights incorporate GPS Synchronisation.

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