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Frangible Mounting Accessories
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Frangible Mounting Accessories

AV425-RF with stake mount. Image courtesy of Systems Interface Ltd.

Avlite Systems can supply a number of airfield fittings and accessories to compliment the range of aviation products including; light base mounting plates, frangible (breakaway) couplings, ground mounting stakes, non-slip tiles and various hardware.

The Avlite stake mount kit includes; light mounting plate, frangible sleeve, ground stake and 316-grade stainless steel hardware. All components (excluding hardware) are made from heavy-duty aluminum, subject to 7-stage powdercoating in high-visibility yellow color.

The Avlite frangible (breakaway) coupling has been independently tested to comply with FAA Advisory Circular No 150/5345-46B 'Specifications for runway and taxiway fixtures'.

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