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AV07 12v Marker & Obstruction Light
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AV07 12v Marker & Obstruction Light
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The AV07 is a low intensity 12 volt LED marker and obstruction light fixture designed to comply with ICAO requirements for obstructions whereby the height does not exceed 45m (LIOL A).

Offering superior visibility, the AV07 operates in conjunction with existing or purpose-built power supplies.

Avlite’s optical engineering experience is demonstrated with the precision alignment and focus of the LEDs, made possible through the use of the 360° LED Reflector (US Pat. No. 6,667,582. AU Pat. No. 778,918), increasing the intensity and uniformity of the horizontal output.

Flash adjustment is achieved via two rotary switches accessed through the base of the light.

Optional GPS Flash Synchronisation

The AV07 is available with internal GPS Flash Synchronisation (AV07-GPS), allowing multiple fixtures to synchronise when set to a flashing state.


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