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AV-WC-L Solar Powered Lighted Windsock Assembly
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AV-WC-L Solar Powered Lighted Windsock Assembly

This complete windsock assembly incorporates four LED lights, a 140watt multicrystalline solar module, and 110Ah SLA battery.

Avlite Systems Solar Windsock Light Kit comes complete with 4m (12ft) windsock available in white or yellow for maximum visibility. Triple stitched seams makes the windsock incredibly durable and the material is UV treated to reduce the damaging effects of the sun.

Avliteís unique light mounting wing design directs the light towards the windsock and prevents stray light  to ensure the pilot isnít distracted upon landing.

Each AV-09 light incorporates a 3watt ultra-high intensity LED as a light source offering up to 100,000 hours of service - no need to change any globes! With low power consumption and external sun-switch for automatic night activation, the AV-WC-L is a fantastic alternative to traditional hard-wired products.

The AV-WC-L can be installed immediately and requires no costly underground wiring.

Optional Radio Control

The AV-WC-L is also available with Radio Control, whereby lights can be operated  by a wireless handheld controller, which enables personnel to remotely activate the windsock light.

Optional Pilot Activated Lighting Control

The AV-WC-L can be integrated to a third party Pilot Activated Lighting Controller
(AV-PALC), to allow approaching aircraft to activate the windsock light on unmanned aerodromes.

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