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AV-PALC Pilot Activated Lighting Control
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AV-PALC Pilot Activated Lighting Control

The Avlite wireless network can be integrated to a third party Pilot Activated Lighting Controller (AV-PALC), to allow approaching aircraft to activate lighting on unmanned aerodromes.

This lighting control system is usually used at non-towered or infrequently used airfields where it is not economical to provide staff or keep the airfield constantly lit during night hours. Pilots are able to turn on the lighting system when required leading to significant savings in energy and airfield staffing requirements.

How does the AV-PALC work?

Avlite Systems’ PALC allows the pilot to control the Avlite lighting system via VHF Radio Air Band. The pilot sets the frequency of the radio to that used by the airfield and operates the system by clicking the Press To Talk (PTT) button. The Avlite radio controller module will relay the control message from third party PALC’s across the mesh network.

The system has three intensity settings; low, medium and high. The intensity required is controlled by the number of clicks the pilot uses when issuing a command.

Low intensity - 3 clicks in 5 seconds
Medium intensity - 5 clicks in 5 seconds
High intensity - 7 clicks in 5 seconds

Once the system is activated, a 15 minute countdown begins after which the lights will automatically turn off, the length of the countdown can also be altered by the user.

On final approach, it is recommended that the pilot reissue the command to prevent the system switching off at a critical moment.

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