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AV-09-4WL Solar Windsock Light Kit
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AV-09-4WL Solar Windsock Light Kit

Avlite recommend mounting the windsock below the lights (as shown)

Avlite Systemsí AV-09-4WL Solar Windsock Light Kit provides users with a complete, reliable and low maintenance solution to windsock illumination.

This complete windsock lighting kit incorporates four (4) AV-09 lights mounted onto 12mm powder-coated square tubing arms, a 140watt multicrystalline solar module and mounting bracket, and 110Ah SLA battery (2 X 55Ah) housed in a rotationally moulded weatherproof battery box with galvanized lockable cage for improved security.

Each AV-09 light incorporates a 3watt ultra-high intensity LED as a light source offering up to 100,000 hours of service - no need to change any globes! With low power consumption and external sun-switch for automatic night activation, the AV-09-4WL is a fantastic alternative to traditional hard-wired or fluorescent products.

The AV-09-4WL can be installed immediately and requires no costly underground wiring. The complete kit comes packaged in a 155x69x76cm pallet for ease of shipping.

Optional GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring

GSM enables operators to remotely monitor the status of their installations, and can be configured to send out warning SMS text messages to designated cell-phone numbers.

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