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GulfRim's New Web-Site Online!
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28 April 2009

GulfRim's New Web-Site Online!

Sealite Aids To Marine Navigation

Here at GulfRim, we are excited to have our new web-site on-line!

The site features our catalog of special Aviation and Marine Navigation Aids from our suppliers Sealite and Avlite, the World Leaders in Solar LED Aviation and Marine Lanterns. We stock United States Coast Guard approved class A, B, & C Structure Marine Lanterns. We also maintain an inventory of ICAO Compliant Solar Powered LED Airfield lighting, and remote controlled airfield lighting.

We will be offering all products from both of these fine companies and will supply the entire Gulf of Mexico Region, Inland Waterways and States along the Gulf rim.

Please browse through the new site and don't hesitate to contact us for more information at:

Regards from the GulfRim Team

Sealite Aids To Marine Navigation
Avlite Airfield Lighting
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